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Canadian Cellular Concrete Services, Inc. is a subsidiary of Pacific International Grout Company and is an International provider of low density cellular concrete (foam crete) specialist covering Canada and the United States.

Canadian projects completed by Canadian Cellular Concrete Services include:
– Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel; Vancouver, B.C.
– Jervis Forcemain; Vancouver, B.C.
– Kemano Backup Tunnel; Kemano, B.C.
– Boyne Trunk Sewer; Toronto, Ontario
– Herridge Feedermain; Mississauga, Ontario
– Bathurst Street Watermain; York Region, Ontario


Reference Letter for City Watermain Tunnel Project – grouted a 1050mm CPP Watermain, that was installed within a 3m diameter tunnel, in 3 lifts.
Bathurst Street Watermain – York Region, Ontario, CANADA
Contractor: CRS Tunnelling Inc.

Reference Letter for Arrowhead Tunnels Project – Placement of low density cellular grout for the installation of an 8-mile long final tunnel liner.
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California – San Bernardino, CA, USA
Contractor: Shea-Kenny JV

Reference Letter for Nuclear Reactor Fill Project – filled a nuclear reactor power in the power plant with radioactive absorbent grout for safe removal.
Dairyland Power – LaCrosse, WI, USA
Contractor: Energy Solutions

SAK Letter of Reference – PigCoInc. has performed several cellular concrete projects for SAK Construction. The most recent being the 1,625 LF of tunnel for Rivanna Water & Sewer Authority in Charlottesville, VA, USA.

Reference Letter for Lightweight Fill Project – 40,000 cubic yards of lightweight fill for the University of Connecticut Football Stadium.
UCONN – East Hartford, CT, USA
Contractor: Tilicon Connecticut Inc.

Reference Letter for Highway Interchange – 87,000 cubic yards of load reducing fill for the I-94 Marquette Interchange – a major freeway interchange in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Department of Transportation – Milwaukee, WI, USA
Contractor: Marquette Contractors, LLC


PigCoInc set up their cellular grout equipment and grouted our 1050mm CPP Watermain, that was installed within a 3m diameter tunnel, in three lifts.  The grouting went very smoothly, and was completed successfully, within the time frame allocated.

Thank you for the support and well executed plan!  Look forward to working with PigCoInc again in the future.

– Walter R. TRISI, Vice President, CRS Tunnelling Inc.

Marquette Constructors would like to thank PigCoInc for their efforts and contributions.  In the first phase of the project your Company proved that the necessary forces and equipment would be available to complete the work within the required time frame.  Throughout the job, whenever there was a critical phase of conflicting schedules, your managers were there to provide solutions to keep the project moving.  In the last year of the project the 42,000 cubic yard of LWCF in the TW ramp controlled the early completion of the project.

PigCoInc’s willingness to begin placement of LWCF a month early, during a time that is prone to weather delays, was a major factor in early project completion.  Your crews were more than willing to adjust the placing schedules to take advantage of favorable weather conditions.

– Dennis M. Maney PE, Marquette Contractors, LLC